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Create Your Ideal Workspace - Your Private Sanctuary Awaits!

Enjoy going to work each day!

 The benefits of a great space are many:

  • you'll have more freedom, feel more confident and feel calmer;

  • you'll know your space is a reflection of you - modern, professional, and committed;

  • your clients will feel more relaxed and focused, leading to better outcomes for therapy sessions. 

Finding the right space is challenging. Maybe you're currently sharing space with others and it's too noisy, or you only use the room a few days a week and have to move in and out all the time - using up mental energy and time you don't have. Maybe you've had to move locations multiple times - wasting your time and energy and causing confusion and new challenges for clients. Or, maybe, you're just starting out on your journey of self-employment and want a great space to ensure your journey begins well but don't know where to start. I know all these things can be frustrating.


I was inspired to develop this space after setting up my own private practice. Because I have a corporate background I wanted to work somewhere that was professional and modern, so I started in a shared workspace in the city that overlooked the river. However, I quickly became frustrated with the small room, ever increasing costs, and messy shared kitchen space. I love my new location, it's convenient (near central station and the city), peaceful, and it's so easy with a fully stocked kitchen and everything I need in my room. It's been a game changer, I now love going to work, I have more time and energy, and my clients have expressed how much they love it too. 


So, if you're looking for a space you can call your own you're in the right place. I'm offering a modern, professional and spacious room for rent. You'll get access to a lovely waiting room and stocked kitchen.

All expenses are included, so you get all the benefits of your own space with none of the hassles of having to lease your own space.    

Book a viewing today to secure your ideal workspace. 

Demand for rooms is increasing, so don't wait too long or you'll miss out.  

Call me, Sarah O’Flaherty at 0455 298 274 or email

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