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Business Coaching


I have over twenty years of experience working in the fast-paced world of advertising, consulting to well-known businesses such as Johnson & Johson, BHP Steel, and Visa. Many of those years were in senior positions and general manager roles.

Now, having retrained as a Clinical Psychologist, set up my own business, and purchased my own space, I am in a unique position to help other psychologists/health professionals make the move to self-employment. 

So, If you're ready for change and need some support. Please get in touch to see if I can be of assistance. 

Please see contact details below. 

Different people need different things at different times. It is important to consider whether I have the skills you are looking for. Feel free to look at my linked in profile for more information on my skills and background. 



I have always found that my best experiences have been when I have received a healthy balance of support and constructive challenge. I do my best to provide this balance for my coachees. 


I work to my values and I value honesty, integrity, and authenticity. It's also important to me to always act ethically and professionally. Sprinkle that with a little bit of fun and you get a feel of how I operate.

Let's Work Together

Please email me at if you are interested in business coaching support. I am happy to discuss your needs and to see if I can help you before we begin the consultation process. 

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